High Current Relay V23132 HCR

High Current Relay V23132 HCR Description

A high performance relay capable of switching 150A or 300A with a choice of 2 contact materials . The continuous running current is 150A with both models.Available as n/o(2 studs) or as a proper c/o(3 Studs).Waterproof versions also available.Connections to the coil are via Amp/tyco 2 way 1.5mm superseal connectors,except for the changeover versions which are via 2 6.4mm spades from the side of the case. Tyco V23132 series High current relay.

Note From Feb 2012 Tyco are rationalizing the contact materials and will in future only produce the Silver tin oxide 300A material.There is no need for two verions as the AgSnO2 material can fulfil the specification of 300a and 150A types.

So relays with suffix A100 or B100 will be replaced by relays with suffix A200 or B200. V23132 A2001 B100 JCB Part no 716/30252 now use V23132 A2001 B200 stock no 4954376 V23132 B2002 B200 JCB no 716/30295

Contact arrangement       1 n/o or 1c/o
Contact material          Silver Nickel 150A,silver tin oxide 300A
Continuous current max    150A silver nickel 1n/o 
                          130A silver Tin oxide 1n/o  

Inrush current max        150A silver nickel 1n/o 
                          300A silver Tin oxide 1n/o or c/o  

Brake current             150A silver nickel 1n/o either voltage 
                          300A silver Tin oxide 1n/o 
                          200A silver Tin oxide 1c/o  
Coil power                3.3w at 23 deg C
Coil resistance           43.5ohm(12v),178ohm (24v) 
Allowable overdrive       27.0v(12vdc mod),54v(24vdc mod)
Temperature               -40 to +125 deg C 
Mechanical life           10 million operations
Dimensions                26.5x26.5x25.2mm excluding terminals 
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Stock Price
Relay HCR 4954376 V23132-A2001-B200 203 42.50
300A 12V 1n/o ip67 sealed
Relay HCR 4954366 V23132-B2002-B200 54 42.50
300A 24V 1n/o ip67 sealed
Relay HCR 4954370 V23132-C2001-A200 0 38.50
300A 24V 1 c/o ip54

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