Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker, 2-5200H Series

Thermal Overcurrent Circuit  Breaker, 2-5200H Series Description

2-2500H series single pole thermal circuit breaker with press-to-reset, manual release, tease free, trip free, snap action mechanism. Designed for plug-in mounting into a socket which will accommodate two breakers.

Rated voltage         28VDC
Rupture current       3-5A (20xIN), 8-25A (400A)
Temperature           -20C to +60C
Approvals             SEMKO
Tripping times (IN)
140%                  1 hour max. guaranteed at 23C
200%                  Between 10.5 - 35 secs
400%                  Between 3 - 8 secs
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Name Stock No Manf Ref Stock Price
Circuit breaker 4100334 2-5200H-3A 342 17.52*
Unit Price:
Circuit breaker 4100337 2-5200H-5A 129 17.52*
Unit Price:
Circuit breaker 4100340 2-5200H-8A 367 17.52*
Unit Price:
Circuit breaker 4100322 2-5200H-10A 38 17.52*
Unit Price:
Circuit breaker 4100325 2-5200H-13A 5 17.52*
Unit Price:
Circuit breaker 4100328 2-5200H-15A 20 17.52*
Unit Price:
Socket 4100121 10R-P10 136 4.29*
Unit Price:

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