Limit Switches and Microswitches

Limit Switches and Microswitches

Pennine Components Ltd hold extensive of stocks of Microswitches and Limit Switches, from many leading brands.

We stock a wide selection of Crouzet and Saia Burgess standard and sealed V3 and V4 style Microswitches and Switch levers .e.g. 83 161 338, XGG3-88, V3S-UL, 83 106 022.

We stock the industry standard DIN EN5047 Plastic case and DIN EN5041 metal case Limit switches from Ersce, Idem, Pizzatto, e.g. E10000FI.

We offer IP67 prewired Limit switches from Crouzet, Pizatto, Idem, Carlo Gavazzi, e.g. 83 870 103, MV27PR1.

We offer replacements to some legacy metal case limit switches from Essen Deinki, replacing obsolete Burgess M3BRM, M2V3HM6S, 3BR-103, 4BR-510, 4CR, M7CTQMSA, M9CTQMS.

We have a number of precision hole mounting Plunger Microswitches offering gold plated bifurcated contacts for reliable low current switching, such as Pizzatto MK H11DO9-G with spade terminals.

We stock the heavy duty ACME Snaplock 600 and 615 series from Sigma Controls

We also offer the possibility of customizing switches or fitting connectors subject to volume.

Please contact our sales department for more information