Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays

Pennine Components Ltd are distributors and importers of a wide range of automotive relays.

Our range includes 20A plug in changeover Micro A style relays, 30/40 A mini/cube relays, 70A Normally closed F7 types and continues up to the 150A rated high current relays, e.g V23132 A201 B200 stock no 4954376.

Over the years we have extended our range to cover a wide variety of price points and specifications.

Where environmental performance is important, Panasonic offer their relays with resin sealed bases, e.g. CM1-12 stock no 9411009, we also offer some shrouded relays from Potter & Brumfield.

Durakool DG85 and DG56 are a brand new range of mini relays and offer highly competitive pricing and wide choice of contact materials e.g. DG56A-7011-96-1012-M1R stock no 7320004.

Kilovac offer the EV200 Czonka III 500A relay for Hybrid vehicle applications, we also have some new and highly competitive ranges from Durakool, the DEVR20 capable of 500A and to 900Vdc, the smaller DEVR10 rated to 100A at 900Vdc.

Nagares have a wide selection of components for both OEM customer and aftermarket and all on reasonable lead times. Their range includes Micro relays, Mini relays, Specialist timers, Heated mirror timers, Flasher units, Glow plug controllers, DC converters, ADR battery isolators, Solid State automotive relays, Diesel preheat timers. They sell a number of classics such the 120A relay RL180-12 stock no 4751181.

Wehrle Relay sockets complement our relay rang e.g. 10700004 stock no 9691000.


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